Hitched.co.uk | The Best Hand Cream for Dry Skin

It can easily trickle to the bottom of your list of beauty priorities, but a great hand cream is actually one of the best skincare products you could possibly invest in.

Every day, your hands get exposed to everything our faces do (UV rays, the cold and pollution), plus they’re constantly being used. So why wouldn’t we extend our skincare regime to our fingertips?

In order to keep the skin on our hands nourished, protected from environmental stressors and feeling great, a hand cream like one of these (which have the added bonuses of making your manicure pop, preventing aging and strengthening your nails) is crucial.

In fact, ensuring your hands look their best becomes even more important in the run up to your wedding. You’ll be showing off your engagement ring left, right and centre, and on the big day itself your hands will be photographed more than ever before. Who doesn’t want a beautiful close up shot of their wedding ring?

Whether you’re partial to something scented or prefer an all-natural product, there’ll be a hand cream here for you to love. It’s time to get shopping…

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