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What bride doesn’t want to look like a supermodel on their wedding day? Strictly speaking, most of us would love to look like one on a daily basis, but with wedding venues to book and bridesmaid dresses to find, we don’t always have the time to act on it.

Setting a date for your wedding gives you something solid to work towards, and forces you to start making moves when it comes to your bridal beauty regime. Luckily, the average engagement lasts for 13 months, giving you plenty of time to make sure you look and feel like the best version of yourself when you walk down the aisle.

Knowing how far in advance of the big day to tend to each and every aspect of your appearance can be a little bit confusing. When should you have your final haircut? How long before the big day should you fake tan? When should you attend your hair and makeup trials? As if you didn’t have enough to organise…

With our comprehensive guide to bridal beauty, the whole thing has been made easy. We start at six months before your wedding and take your right up to the special day itself, letting you know which beauty treatments you’ll need and where to get them done.

6 Months Before the Big Day

The time between four and six months prior to your wedding date is a crucial period. It is the perfect time to ramp up your beauty regime so that you have glowing skin, beautiful nails and luscious locks ready for your big day.


Skin 6 Months Before Your Wedding Day
  • Achieving glowing skin requires a lot of hard work. Six months before your wedding, you’ll want to really amplify your at-home skincare regime.
  • At the bare minimum, you need to use a good cleanser and moisturiser daily – we’d recommend looking towards a cleanser like the Epionce Lytic Gel Cleanser. Cosmetic Dermatologist Dr Mervyn Patterson said: “It contains ingredients such as marshmallow and date extracts alongside willow bark extract and methanol. It is formulated effectively to remove all makeup at the same time as helping to repair the lipids in the skin barrier.” Another great option is Liz Earle’s Cleanse & Polish (hot cleansing is amazing for lifting away dead skin cells) or Superdrug’s Vitamin E Hot Cloth Cleanser if you’re looking for a budget alternative.
  • On the moisturiser front, our go-to is Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Cream. It leaves skin feeling plump and fresh, and a little goes a really long way. We also love The Ordinary’s Natural Moisturizing Factors which is only £4.90!
  • On top of cleansing and moisturising, you’ll want to start applying a weekly face mask – we love the new Olay Stick Face Masks because they illuminate all the usual mess (result!).
  • Address individual skin issues with a targeted serum (the Garden of Wisdom Vitamin C serum is a great all-rounder) and treat yourself to a nourishing night cream like the raved-about Formula Absolute Ultimate Sleep Cream.
  • And what about salon skin treatments, we hear you ask? Well, at the six month mark, you should have your first facial. We love the CBD facial at London’s Blush & Blow, not only because CBD oil is having a serious moment, but because it leaves skin fresh, soft and hugely “depuffed”!
  • Bridget O’Keefe, founder of Blush and Blow said: “The CBD facial is a great maintenance facial. I would certainly recommend that you get the facial every four-six weeks starting from the moment you get engaged. The CBD detox is very real and the longer you have the facials for the better condition of your skin!”
  • If you’re really dedicated to the cause, the six month mark would be the best time to book an appointment with a dermatologist. Book one for the week before your wedding, too – you can always cancel, but it’ll be there if any unwanted acne suddenly rears its head.

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