Hitched.co.uk | David Emanuel Reveals His Dos and Don’ts of Wedding Dress Shopping

Buying a wedding dress can be a bit of an overwhelming experience. With a whole host of styles, fabrics and designers to choose from, it’s often difficult to know where to start.

Which style will be best for your body shape? How do you match your dress to your venue style? Can you get a beautiful dress for under £1,000?

One person who knows the answers to all of these questions and more is David Emanuel: fashion designer and presenter of TLC’s Say Yes to the Dress.

He’s best known for designing Princess Diana’s 1981 wedding gown, and with more than 35 years’ worth of industry experience, there’s no-one better to help stressed out brides avoid the mistakes they often make when choosing their dream dress.

“When it comes to wedding dress shopping, I’m very open minded”, David told us. “I dress brides according to their body shape and style. The dress needs to fit the figure of the bride and the location.”

What’s the biggest stumbling block most brides face when they’re wedding dress shopping, we asked? “I think the biggest stumbling block a bride can give me is lack of confidence. They could be in the dressing room and love the gown, then go outside to show the entourage, and because they pull it to bits, the bride doesn’t like it anymore.

“I say: ‘What happened between the dressing room and coming out onto the shop floor?’ I put it down to lack of confidence, and that’s a shame.”

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