Dazed Beauty | Forget CBD Serum, It’s Time to Give Your Skin a Break

Photography Donna Trope

The new way to get glowing skin is to chuck your products out of the window and do absolutely nothing.

To say I love my skincare routine would be an understatement. I indulge in it. I take pride in it. It calms me down and it allows me to wash away both the remnants of London’s dirty air and anything that’s gone wrong that day. I cleanse, I tone, and I apply serum like it’s going out of fashion. And did I mention I apply a sheet mask every Sunday? Needless to say, I was pretty sceptical when I stumbled across skin fasting, a trend which has been making waves across the internet lately.

Skin fasting, in short, is the act of avoiding all skincare products for 1-4 days in a bid to give your face a much-needed detox. It has been popularised by Mirai Clinical, a Japanese beauty brand dedicated to sharing “unique beauty secrets from Japan which you have never seen or experienced”. The method builds on the ethos of “less is more” and the premise that fasting can often lead to a healing process.

If nothing else, an anti-routine like this is sustainable. You use smaller amounts of product, so they last longer and you spend less over time. Fasters will still experience the buzz that new skincare trends bring, just minus the constant spending. Euromonitor International recently found that ‘new consumerism’ is seeing buyers adopt a ‘less is more’ approach to their beauty purchases, placing strong importance on the circular economy (that is: reduce, reuse and recycle).

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