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The continued rise of the podcast is not a movement worth ignoring. Sophie Cockett celebrates the best of what 2019 has on offer.

It’s no surprise the rise of the podcast is continuing at an alarming rate. From feminist debates to inspiring interviews and investigations into crime, there’s a topic for everyone to love. Seriously, our subs list is now lengthy enough to keep us going a decade into the future and then some.

According to a report by Fast Company, there are currently over 525,000 active podcasts available to listen to, which rack up an impressive 18.5 million episodes between them. 44% of the population has listened to a podcast, and 26% of the population do so weekly. They’re some pretty hefty numbers.

Podcasts pack your daily dose of inspiration, a laugh a minute (if you choose the right one), and will have you bursting at the seams with small-talk conversation starters for that dreaded dinner party you’ve got coming up. So, without further ado, here are the podcasts you’d be daft not to subscribe to as soon as you get the chance.


Power Hour by Adrienne LDN

Adrienne Herbert is a personal trainer, Adidas global ambassador and mentor. Scroll your way through her carefully curated Instagram feed and you’ll be left wanting to don your leggings and hit the gym pronto. Adrienne swears by her concept of the Power Hour – that is, the first hour of your day which has the power to set you up for success.

Whether you spend it meditating, stretching, reading or writing a gratitude diary, there is a lot that can be said for an early morning hour of productivity. In this podcast, Adrienne chats to guests about what they do with theirs.

Happy Place by Fearne Cotton

An ever-popular choice in the podcast arena and for good reason, Fearne Cotton’s Happy Place is total medicine for the mind. With her years of interview experience, Fearne delves deep into the lives of her special guests, telling the stories of their trickiest times and extracting invaluable self-care tips. Previous interviewees have included Sir Stephen Fry, Paloma Faith and Mel C.

The Food Medic by Dr Hazel Wallace

The perfect podcast if you’re into nutrition. Women’s Health columnist Dr Hazel Wallace is joined by a golden line-up of experts as she chats about how your diet can affect your overall health.

She gets to the bottom of training myths and diet rumours – an insightful listen for anyone who’s interested in what they’re putting into their body.

Deliciously Ella: The Podcast

The Queen of the plant-based diet has teamed up with her partner Matt to bring the mindful eater their ultimate podcast. With appearances from the likes of Matt Haig, this podcast covers everything from food waste to how to get a balanced vegan diet. It’ll definitely make you think.


Ctrl Alt Delete by Emma Gannon

Described by the Evening Standard as the “spokesperson for the internet generation”, Emma Gannon has always been one step ahead of the game when it comes to all things digital.

Ctrl Alt Delete was first launched in early 2016 as an opportunity to continue the conversation started by Emma’s book, and with guests ranging from Zoe Sugg to Chloe Brotheridge, this podcast is particularly inspiring for anyone hoping to forge their own freelance career.

Girlboss Radio with Sophia Amoruso

Sophia Amoruso is nothing less than an entrepreneurial power house. As the founder of Nasty Gal, the subject of an entire Netflix series and the brains behind the Girlboss book (and movement), there is no better female to learn from if you need a bit of a work-related kick up the backside.

For The Love of Money by Chris Harder

Everyone wants to be successful, right? But how do you actually get there? Chris Harder pushes aside any “do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life” cliché and gets right on down to the nitty gritty. He shares money-making tips and tricks which really work; you’re guaranteed to leave feeling inspired.


My Dad Wrote a Porno

What would you do if your dad wrote a pornographic novel? Sit down with two friends and record yourself reading it aloud, of course. Each episode of this seriously funny podcast sees host Jamie Morton read a chapter of his father’s novel Belinda Blinked to his friends.

If you can get through an episode without bursting into fits of laughter then there might be something wrong with you. Just saying.

The Receipts Podcast: Your Receipts

Hosted by the most underrated trio around, The Receipts Podcast is the one with absolutely nothing in the way of a filter.

Although some episodes are dedicated to current affairs, those entitled “Your Receipts” see Milena, Tolly T and Audrey solve their listener’s most scandalous relationship problems with brutal honesty. Not one to miss.

The Private Parts Podcast

This podcast sees Made in Chelsea favourites Jamie Laing and Francis Boulle discuss their private parts. No, not those private parts, but their deepest insecurities and anything their fans don’t already know. They invite guests along to do the same – many of whom are MIC co-stars – and by bouncing off of eachother in a way you really couldn’t write, make our morning commutes that little bit more cheerful.

Among the funniest episodes are number 89 with Spencer Matthews and the Jake Whitehall rebroadcast.


Table Manners by Jessie Ware

Next up is a firm Into The Fold favourite. Table Manners, a podcast hosted by Jessie Ware and her charming mother Lennie is devoted to food, family and the art of conversation. Guests including Alan Carr (a guaranteed smile-inducer), Michelle Keegan, Dolly Alderton (did anyone else know her name is actually Hannah?) and Dermot O’Leary chat about their death row meals and the food they grew up with. Best enjoyed with something delicious and home-cooked.

Love Stories by Dolly Alderton

Dolly Alderton is exactly like her writing: open, honest and witty. Combine these qualities with an indisputable flair for asking the right questions (and an obsession with love in all of its forms, of course) and you have what is probably the most heart-warming podcast of the lot.

Dolly chats to guests including the inspiring Lily Allen and truly wonderful Stanley Tucci about the love stories which have shaped their existence.

In The Third Person

Mike Skinner’s podcast with Murkage Dave might only boast five episodes, but it’s already gaining a cult following.

It uncovers the secrets of the lives of its guests in a relaxed and candid fashion. Episode 2 with Alexa Chung is our favourite.

At Home With…

At Home With… is hosted by UK lifestyle bloggers Anna Newton and Lily Pebbles. Each week, the pair visits the home of a beauty or fashion entrepreneur to discuss their career (among other topics like love and family) from various rooms of the subject’s home. Listen on A-Cast for visual accompaniments – a dream come true if you’re as nosy as we are.


The High Low

Hosted by journalists (and go-to life gurus) Dolly Alderton and Pandora Sykes, The High Low has been charming listeners across the world since its founding. At its heart is the message “life is best consumed with a mix of the trivial and the political”. If anyone was able to flit seamlessly between the dissection of Holocaust storytelling and Kim Kardashian’s latest antics it was these two. Your ears will thank you.

The Intelligence by The Economist

Not only does The Intelligence dig past the headlines to get the stories beneath, it shines a light on the stories which haven’t made the headlines but definitely should’ve.

Those in search of a daily dose of global illumination should be sure to click subscribe.


Murderville by The Intercepts

Something isn’t right in a small town in Southern America, and residents and police are shocked when a brutal murder hits. A suspect is locked up, but then another murder happens… then another, and another.

This podcasts sees investigative reporters Liliana Sugura and Jordan Smith examine what happens when “Murderville” comes under siege by a killer.

All Killa No Filla

This podcast stands proudly as one of the best in the true-crime sphere, as British comedians Rachel Fairburn and Kiri Pritchard-McLean explore the world of serial killers.

They look at a different case in every episode, sprinkling their discussions with some very Northern humour.


We Like Drinking

Do you like drinking? The hosts of We Like Drinking do too. In every episode, tipple-lovers Jeff Eckles, John Ruyak and Jeff Solomon sit down with industry professionals to chat about all things booze.

Whether you’re partial to a Pinot or you’re a cider sipper through and through, the panel are more than likely to have discussed your beverage of choice at some point.

We Are The Brights

Die hard TOWIE fan? No, we don’t like to admit it either. Alas, here we are including the podcast hosted by Lydia Bright and her brilliantly bonkers family in our round-up of the best.

This is the first ever structured reality podcast of its kind and, recorded in and around the Bright home, charts the highs and lows of the family’s life on a weekly basis. Perhaps not one to mention in office chats but brilliant all the same.

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